World economic calendar

World economic calendar of forex is macroeconomic statistics of forex, reporting of state
committees, departments and departments, schedule of speeches of heads of state and central
banks. Daily dozens of important data are published that affect the exchange rates and the value
of various financial instruments.

Forex news calendar

A special analytical tool for a trader is a  Forex news calendar that reflects the main key
macroeconomic factors. Depending on the degree of its importance, macroeconomic indicators
can affect the exchange rates and stocks on world exchanges. Every day in the world there are
events that can significantly affect the exchange rates in the Forex market. Regardless of whether
you are a medium-term trader or a short-term scalper, you should consider a calendar of
macroeconomic events.

Economic calendar PaxForex

Economic calendar of PaxForex will promptly provide all the necessary statistics for successful
The services of forex brokers are not limited to currency pairs on the FOREX market, some
dealing centers provide additional tools that significantly expand the range of trading

Economic calendar forex

Any trader of financial markets sooner or later comes to the idea that he needs a tool such as a
calendar of economic events. The matter is that all the most important data that can influence the
fluctuations of the rates are collected here.

Forex economic calendar

Professional traders keep track of the Forex calendar for major currencies daily. Days of public
holidays, to one degree or another, exert their influence on currency trading. The fact is that
these days the main players do not enter the financial market.