Economic calendar forex

Any trader of financial markets sooner or later comes to the idea that he needs a tool such as a
calendar of economic events. The matter is that all the most important data that can influence the
fluctuations of the rates are collected here.

Economic calendar forex does not have to be used to trade on news. Some traders, for example,
do not work at all on this principle, preferring purely technical analysis. But they also need
information that can be obtained in such a calendar. The fact is that there are data that can have a
significant impact on fluctuations in the exchange rates. And it is these data that should be
monitored in order not to be in a situation when volatility in the market will significantly
increase and break the entire technical picture. But, if you still want to work with the news and
make a profit, at least from time to time, on important events, you can not do without such an
instrument as an economic calendar for traders.
What is the economic calendar of Forex
In the arsenal of any trader trading in Forex, there should be an economic calendar as a
fundamental tool, since its purpose is to demonstrate news statistics, and it simply needs to be
guided when making deals. Macroeconomic indicators are published here, as well as important
events in the world of economics and finance, such as meetings of central banks, economic
conferences, summits and so on. All events are conditionally divided according to their
importance into three categories: significant; of medium importance; weakly significant.
Naturally, for trade, events are mainly used, which belong to the first category. The rest are not
so important, and traders often just skip them. In principle, this is correct, because it is very
difficult to follow all the events, and we need to filter them. A modern calendar of economic
news allows you to do this without problems.