Forex news calendar

A special analytical tool for a trader is a  Forex news calendar that reflects the main key
macroeconomic factors. Depending on the degree of its importance, macroeconomic indicators
can affect the exchange rates and stocks on world exchanges. Every day in the world there are
events that can significantly affect the exchange rates in the Forex market. Regardless of whether
you are a medium-term trader or a short-term scalper, you should consider a calendar of
macroeconomic events.

 With the calendar of events, you are up-to-date with the news and are ready even for the most
unexpected market turns. Use the calendar functions to the maximum: filter events by
importance, select the countries and time interval. The personal calendar setting is saved and
available at each next visit.
 An analysis of how the past events affected the market is a sure step to understanding the laws
of trading and making a profitable strategy. In history, you will find not only the actual values,
but also the forecasts published before the news release.
 Evaluate the situation on the market in just 1 minute, choose a favorable day and hour for the
transaction - with the calendar of events, trade is on the right course!
Calendar Forex printed on different sites looks almost the same. They have the same basic
information fields, in which data is displayed in the form of tables. The calendar indicates the
time when the news was printed, which can affect the rate of any currency, and swing it in one
direction or another. The calendar also indicates the currency, which can affect the news.
Therefore, traders can easily find the news they need. Also, the calendar displays the degree of
influence of the news on the currency, so you can make an accurate forecast of how it will react,
falling or rising.